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You'll find happy, smiling babies experiencing many fun and stimulating activities.  We believe the most essential ingredient in infant care is warm, responsive and dependable care giving.  We will guide and hold your growing child's hand as they experience the beginning stages of Physical, Intellectual and Social & Emotional Development.  We will provide a loving environment so that parents will enjoy a sense of security each and every time they bring their child.  Each infant is cared for according to her/his own schedule and needs.  The infant/pre-toddler curriculum includes activities conducted throughout the day as time and your child's interest permits A daily infant sheet will be provided to inform parents of daily doings.

Infant/Toddler Activities:

We participate and are trained in Creative Curriculum.  Activities focus on motor, art, music, simple problem solving, cause and effect and social experiences.  Developmental toys are always available for the infant's free play.  The daily schedule for routines and activities is flexible, based on children's interests, moods and weather conditions.  A more regular routine provides security for the toddler.  Children enter the toddler curriculum between 15 and 18 months or when they are developmentally ready on an individual basis.  Toddlers have opportunities to make choices in motor, art, dramatic play, simple cooking, discovering, problem solving, music, books, self-help skills and interactive play. 



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